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Sports analytics is still a relatively new field, but it is growing at an astronomical rate. In fact, teams, leagues, media outlets, technology companies and more are hiring talented analysts right now. 

So how do you become educated in the field of sports analytics? Right here. 

We offer five different courses in Sports Analytics, each with a focus on a particular sport:


Teaching these cutting edge courses takes great mentors.  We knew we needed to get the best of the best to be our course mentors, and we succeeded. Pioneers like Dean Oliver in basketball, Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier in football, Lee Fraser in soccer, Ari Kaplan in baseball and Mike Oke in hockey lead these courses and share their expertise.

Sign up for one of our courses and you'll not only get the education of a lifetime, you'll also get to add these pioneers of the sport onto your resume as a reference.  Our courses are all online over an 8-week period, so you can take these courses from anywhere in the world.