Marketing Players

At Sports Management Worldwide our general philosophy is that you can't agent your way to the next level, you have to play your way to the next level. With our 40 years of experience marketing players to teams, SMWW has worked long and hard to earn a great reputation. We are connected, respected in the league, and well known for our scouting and player analysis training. In addition, we have trained graduates who have learned the accepted way to scout players for the top teams and work at all levels of scouting and player analysis.

SMWW develops dynamic marketing materials for each athlete it represents. While every team has its own scouting department, every player needs to be effectively marketed to teams to ensure that every opportunity is provided to improve their playing opportunities. SMWW Agent Advisors will articulate the unique characteristics of our clients to the appropriate teams in the appropriate way. Each team has its preferred nuances which can vary by season, player personnel, and team needs. To do so, SMWW will assess your game in order to effectively market your unique skill set to the right teams that match your abilities.

Depending on a player's position, the team's needs, nuances, and player personnel, the following is an example that would be gathered and presented to teams:

  • Scouting Report
  • Player's Background
  • Player's Career History
  • Player's Strengths
  • Player's Career Aspirations
  • Professional References
  • Physical Evidence of Success (Game Film / Press / Media)

Dr. Lashbrook was with me through the Combine, the Draft, my career with 3 NFL teams, and we have remained close even today. He has helped me tremendously in getting my business up and running and I feel like I couldn't have done it without him. I really appreciate his loyalty, integrity, and passion for my welfare and for my family. He was there for me then and still is today.  
- Alex Van Dyke, former Philidelphia Eagles and New York Jets Wide Receiver