Our Mission and Vision

The vision of Sports Management Worldwide Agency is to revolutionize the sports agent industry. We are the only agency to provide a two-for-one Agent approach. SMWW partners a personalized, enthusiastic, passionate, newly-trained Agent with a highly-experienced, certified veteran Agent. This is the best of both worlds.

A New Generation of Athlete Representation

As a provider of sports management education, we strive to prepare a new generation of athlete representatives who we choose to call "Agent Advisors". Agent Advisors are prepared with knowledge, critical thinking, ethics, integrity, skills, and the passion to succeed. Partnered with an experienced veteran Agent with the wisdom of years, important connections, and an excellent reputation, we feel this is a winning formula. As a large fully functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services including financial, contract negotiation, personal consulting, sponsorships, and marketing. Add that to the one-on-one daily guidance the Agent Advisor provides and our clients are destined for success—both on and off the field. This combination gives clients the boutique agency combined with the powerful, high efficiency, full-service super agency.

"Agent Advisors"

We refer to the graduates of our program as "Agent Advisors" because we believe Agents should be more than simple contract and endorsement negotiators. We add the word "Advisor" to the title because, in addition to the traditional agent role, they strive to play a deeper and more meaningful role in the athlete's lifelong path that positively influences them both on and off the field, during and after their career. Agent Advisors are financial advisors, personal advisors, career advisors, contractual advisors, mentors, and in many cases, friends. Professional athletes have important decisions to make regarding everything from choosing their team to choosing their life insurance plan and making investments. It is our aim to help the athlete through some of these difficult choices by keeping the lines of communication open, educating them on their options, and being a center of support for them in every aspect of their lives and careers.

Agent Advisors are emulating the most successful way to be an Agent. To do so, they need guidance, experience, and resources. SMWW provides the guidance, experience, and resources. You will work directly with your Agent Advisor, but the agency representing you is SMWW.