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Looking to start a career in the baseball industry, but not sure what path is right for you? Get the education, training, and resources you need from leading professionals in the industry Our SMWW advisors will inspire and educate you about the endless baseball career possibilities!
The sports industry is thriving globally, continuing to break records for attendance, merchandise sales, broadcast revenues and more. All this is good news for you because your favorite team is probably hiring people right now who have the skill sets they need.
SMWW will help you develop in-demand skills!
If you don’t know exactly what you want to do in sports, or how to get there, we can help. Below is a list of popular sports careers, linked to the SMWW courses that will help you on your path to a sports career you love.





  • Gain an in-depth insight into a variety of careers from those working at all levels in baseball including MLB and the minor leagues!
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Baseball Jobs Can Be Found Almost Everywhere:

  • MLB Player Personnel

  • Sports Radio

  • MLB General Manager

  • Sports Talk Show Host

  • MLB Agent

  • Sports Commentator

  • MLB Scout

  • Play by Play Announcer

  • MLB Management

  • Press Box

  • MLB Front Office

  • Sportscaster

  • MLB Game Operations

  • Sports Producer

  • MLB Sports Marketing

  • Sideline Sports Reporter

  • MLB Media & Community Relations

  • Sports Anchor

  • MLB Account Manager

  • Sports Broadcasting Internships

  • MLB Baseball Internships

  • Color Commentator

  • MLB Video Department

  • Sports Media

  • MLB Video Coordinator or Asst. VC

  • Public Relations

  • MiLB Player Personnel

  • Sports & Entertainment Communication

  • MiLB General Manager

  • Sports Marketing

  • MiLB Agent

  • Marketing Professional Athletes

  • MiLB Scout

  • New Media Communications

  • MiLB Management

  • Social Networking for a professional team

  • MiLB Front Office

  • Team Sports Blogger

  • MiLB Game Operations

  • Sports Information Director (SID) for a university

  • MiLB Sports Marketing

  • Journalism jobs in radio, TV, internet & print

  • MiLB Media & Community Relations

  • Fan Communications

  • MiLB Account Manager

  • Marketing Communications

  • MiLB Baseball Internships

  • Brand Building

  • MiLB Video Department

  • Dugout Reporter

  • MiLB Video Coordinator or Asst. VC

  • Premium Club & Luxury Suite Sales

  • Coaching

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Scouting

  • Account Executive & Inside Sales

  • Player Development

  • Brand Activation

  • Player Personnel

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Director of Scouting

  • Sponsorship Sales

  • Assistant General Manager

  • Community Relations

  • General Manager

  • Event Planning

  • Sports Announcing

  • Digital Video Editing

  • Baseball Analyst