Ike was recently hired in June of 2018 after interning with Sports Management Worldwide and has come on to assist Alyssa Rutherford, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, and the SMWW Staff with the Agent Advisor Program, client recruitment, student services, and curriculum development for future courses. Ike is a Portland native, but sought out his bachelor’s degree from Bond University, in the Gold Coast of Australia. Ike studied Sports Management at Bond, to pursue his love of sports and to better understand the global appeal of the industry and its impact. Ike came to SMWW to learn the ways of being an agent to professional athletes and hopes to represent clients by the start of next year. Sports Management Worldwide offers a great opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Lashbrook, while working alongside like-minded people to grow SMWW and further its positive impact on the world of sports and those looking to be a part of it.