Top NCAA Jobs to Pursue

Top NCAA Jobs to Pursue
April 22, 2024 by Dr. Lashbrook


Pursuing a career in the realm of NCAA sports can be both rewarding and exciting. Whether you're passionate about collegiate athletics or looking for a dynamic work environment, there's a plethora of opportunities waiting for you. From athletic administration to college coaching, I've worked in almost every facet of college athletics, it's how I got my start in sports!

Athletic Administration

For those who excel at organization and leadership, positions in athletic administration are a perfect fit. These roles can vary widely, from athletic directors who oversee entire college sports programs to compliance officers who ensure that schools adhere to NCAA regulations. To succeed in athletic administration, you will need a keen understanding of both sports and business, with strong communication skills to match.

Compliance and Eligibility

Ensuring athletes maintain eligibility and programs follow NCAA rules is crucial. Compliance officers play a vital role in the integrity of college athletics, making this a highly respected career path within NCAA jobs.

Athletic Director

As an athletic director (AD) you will be the face of a college's athletic department, responsible for budgeting, hiring coaches, and setting the tone for the school's athletic culture. It's a role that requires both a love of sports and a sharp business acumen. I had to pleasure of serving as a College AD for 2 different universities, the University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. As Athletic Director, I improved athlete graduation rates, increased ticket sales, bettered school participation in athletics, initiated and successfully completed a Student Recreation Center, established the first-ever NCAA athletic exchange with Russia, and achieved record levels of fundraising and alumni donations.

Coaching Positions

If you have a background in sports and want to directly influence the development of athletes, consider a coaching position. NCAA jobs in soccer, hockey, football, basketball, and other sports offer the opportunity to work with student-athletes and help them achieve their full potential both on and off the field.

College Coaching

College coaching is more than just teaching sports techniques; it's about mentorship, strategy, and fostering a winning team culture. It can be incredibly fulfilling to lead a team to victory and see your athletes grow.

Specialist Coaching Roles

Specialist coaches, such as those for strength and conditioning, play an important part in the physical development of athletes. These roles often require specific certifications and a scientific understanding of athletic performance.

Other Athletic Jobs

NCAA careers are not limited to administration and coaching. Numerous other roles support the sports programs and contribute to their success.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers work closely with athletes to prevent and treat injuries. This role requires a background in sports medicine and is essential to the health and safety of student-athletes.

Sports Information Director

For those with a knack for communication and public relations, becoming a sports information director is an excellent option. This role involves managing the flow of information between the athletic department and the public, including media relations and content creation.

How to get an NCAA Job?

Nearly all NCAA jobs require a master's degree to qualify as a candidate. Earning that Masters degree can be costly and timely, but it doesn't have to be.

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NCAA jobs offer diverse career paths for individuals passionate about collegiate sports. Whether it's through athletic administration, coaching, or support roles, each position plays a critical part in the success of college athletics. If you're considering a career in NCAA sports, research the various options and find the path that aligns with your skills and passions.

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