SMWW Agency Clients Make a Splash in the NFL Draft

SMWW Agency Clients Make a Splash in the NFL Draft
May 02, 2022 by Dr. Lashbrook


Sports Management Worldwide Agency is thrilled to announce that 4 of our clients have signed onto NFL teams after the NFL draft! 


A big congratulations to each of the players and to all of the Agent Advisors that found these players, helped recruit them, and assisted them through this entire draft process. 


Anthony Turner - Wide Receiver from Grand View signed with the Green Bay Packers. 


Bryce Rodgers - Defensive Tackle from UC Davis signed with the Atlanta Falcons. 


Alex Quevedo - Kicker from Central Oklahoma signed with the New Orleans Saints. 


Joe “Harrison” Elliot - Long Snapper from Air Force Academy signed with the New Orleans Saints.



Each of these players are represented by SMWW Agent Advisors, who are alumni of one of our Sports Agent courses and have been trained and mentored by Dr. Lashbrook. 


Anthony Turner is represented by JaLesa CampbellAdam Klimek, and Dr. Lynn Lashbrook.


Bryce Rodgers is represented by NFLPA Certified Agent Advisor Leslie Martin and Dr. Lynn Lashbrook.


Alex Quevedo and Harrison Elliot are represented by Mark Seabaugh and Dr. Lynn Lashbrook.


Additionally, SMWW Alumni Ray Hija, was in Las Vegas and in the Green Room with all top prospects for Round 1 with his agency’s client Kyler Gordon, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears! 


A very successful weekend for the SMWW and SMWW Agency family, we are so thrilled and thankful for all of the hard work that was put in by the players and our agents. 


If you want to get involved in next year’s NFL Draft, check out one of our courses to see how you can get started. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook 

SMWW/SMWW Agency President and Founder