Walter Wilson

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States

A long time resident in a West County suburb of St. Louis, Missouri in the USA. Proud Father of a son, Shannon Darby Wilson. Walter excelled in amateur, high school and college sports, Track and Field, Football, Baseball and Basketball. ​Walter attended the University of Missouri - Columbia & St. Louis, Missouri Western State University - St. Joseph and WGU, Western Governors University - Utah.

In 2005​,​ he was inducted into Missouri Western State University Sports Hall of Fame. ​He signed 3 Pro Football contracts after college​; the Kansas City Chiefs, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the ​​​Arizona Cardinals. ​Walter has a MS in Management and Leadership, an MBA in Business Management, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science - BGS in Psychology + International Politics. ​He worked many years in the electric utility industry in Management, Training and Labor Relations. Colleagues and coworkers describe Walter as a very effective leader, teacher, highly skilled in conflict resolution and motivational techniques.

Walter is also an inventor with 4 provisional USA patents (inventor of the Baby On Board Sign), and an accomplished artist. His Sports Pedigree includes cousins, Wilma Rudolph 3 gold medalist in 1960 Olympics, OJ Simpson NFL Hall of Fame running back​; ​Moe Williams NBA guard with the 2016 NBA World Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers​; ​Satchel Paige one of first African Americans to play Major League Baseball and the first player from the Negro League to be inducted in Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

​Walter Wilson