Vance Blackwell

Cerritos, California, United States

Vance joined SMWW in 2020 and is certified by passing the athlete management course. This includes agent regulations and player association legalities, contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting. I am familiar with all sports but mainly basketball and football that I use to play.. My goal is to help athletes with their sports career and give them the best financial assistance. Although I am an new agent advisor I still was able to successfully get mentor by Dr. Lashbrook and gather a lot of knowledge for this career. I am here to help players wealth , health , and personal life. I am very passionate person who is easy to get along with. I care for the players best interests especially if I put them in my circle. I have good people interaction skills and is very good at multitasking. Where I am located I have good access to sports complex as well as open gym access. I chose this agency to work with because its cares for the future of athlete’s it also is on a World Wide stage where you won’t miss athletes who wants to further their career.

I study Business management at Long Beach City and is well developed with project management. Very Well connected individual who could possibly market you into a sponsorship deal. Since I was young I always had passionate for helping others and a very skillful tactic with negotiating. I played and had the blessing to watch some of the best football on the west-coast. I know that my capabilities and SMWW educating me will help the future of sports athletics. I have manifest that SMWW is the best agency for me to start with and has me motivated to represent players the best way. With the future of NIL has me ready to help at the next level to grow their finance for the future.

As an entrepreneur I have helped assist with flipping housing for real estate in Ohio project. I have had 8 year experience with store management , customer service , phone line credit and giving athlete’s their proper sports equipment.