Troy Trice

O’Fallon , Missouri, United States

Troy Trice lives in St. Louis Mo. currently in O’Fallon Mo. as a SMWW agent advisor. He has successfully met all the requirements on becoming a SMWW Agent Advisor. Troy’s goals are to help athletes to prosper doing sports and also when their careers are over. He has a heart to help all athletes to get to the next level in there career and life.
Troy Trice graduated from Northwest High school where he played Football, Basketball and Baseball. He would love to inspire future men and women that are coming up to chase their dream but he always tells them to keep God first.
Troy Trice is an assistant Pastor that graduated from Covenant for Life International Bible School with an Associate degree. Troy is married to his wife Karmen and they have been married for 17 years. Troy currently has 3 children by the name of Dylan, Jordyn, and Jameela. He and his wife are successful entrepreneurs. Together they own a hair salon, cleaning business and a Home Health Care business. As an agent advisor Troy has a heart of integrity to help athletes get endorsement deals, sponsorships, and marketing deal.