Tracy Drake

Humble, Texas, United States

Tracy Drake is a graduate of SMWW in Athlete Management and has seven years of experience as a college scout. Tracy has assisted many athletes with obtaining college scholarships and will utilize her personal and professional expertise to prepare athletes for a successful transition to the professional league.

Tracy resides in Humble, Texas. She has experience as a high school softball and volleyball coach and director for the local area girls’ softball league. Tracy has been through the recruiting process with both her son and daughter. She enjoys providing recruiting seminars to youth organizations throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Tracy holds a Master’s in Educational Administration, Principal Certification, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Associate Degree in Legal Assistant Technology (Paralegal) and Bachelor’s in Christian Leadership. She is an Educational Certified Trainer and Consultant and have obtained numerous other certifications and specialized training throughout her educational and professional career.

Tracy received her certification in Athlete Management taught by Joel Corry, a former NBA, and NFL agent and under the direction and mentorship of Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, the President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide. As a Career and Technology Business Educator for 21 years and an Agent Advisor for SMWW, Tracy has the knowledge and skills to prepare athletes for a successful sports career and top-notch career planning as well. Her training included agent regulations and ethics, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting, collective bargaining agreements, contract negotiations, endorsements, sponsorships, and more. She is qualified to represent the interests of athletes and help them navigate successfully to obtain their dream of becoming a pro athlete.