Timothy Clay

Browns Summit, North Carolina, United States


Timothy Clay is from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a hard working dedicated husband and father (of two sons). He loves to learn. He attended Grimsley High School where he was enrolled in the IB program (International Baccalaureate Program) and gained entrance into the National Scholars Honors Society. That is where he played alongside with Keenan Allen. After attending/playing for Grimsley from his freshman year until his junior year, his senior year he went and played for his rival school (Page High School).
He is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University; where he majored in Criminal Justice with a minor concentration in Political Science. He also went on to further his collegiate athletic career at North Carolina A&T State University where he played one year under George Ragsdale (Five Years with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and one year with the Redskins).
At NC A&T SU is where he worked hard to achieve four academic honors society memberships (Golden Key International honors Society, Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta National academic honor society for freshmen, and Academic Excellence). Post-graduation of undergrad he began to explore coaching middle school football. He became Otis L Hairston Sr. Middle School football coach (2015-2016 school year) where he focused on improving running backs. That year he helped lead Hairston Middle school to an undefeated season and Won the Conference. He is proud of his accomplishments so far with SMWW and looks forward to this journey of sports management.