Timothy Bekemeier

Newton, North Carolina, United States


As an SMWW Agent Advisor, Timothy Bekemeier has successfully passed the Athlete Management course taught by Joel Corry. This course added to his vast and diverse knowledge of the wide world of sports and its rules and regulations pertaining to sports agents, sponsorships, athlete and agent ethics, many other athlete management topics. Tim has ambitions of being the best agent out there and to do what is truly the best for his clients. He is ready to do whatever it takes to keep you as happy as you can be within your sports career and beyond. Tim strives to keep learning and perfecting this trade, so there is no hesitation in his client’s belief in him as a professional, outstanding agent. Tim will jump right in with a hands-on, fully committed approach to represent his client’s best interests and bringing about success in all aspects of their wealth and life. He joined SMWW in 2019. Tim has had numerous years of college education including classes in business and sports knowledge. He has years of experience with leadership, customer service. and sales. He plans on using that education, his years of coaching and refereeing soccer and basketball at youth camps and his forever-studying passion of sports to nurture your career and your post-career opportunities. Tim gets glowing reviews on his contagious fun nature, ability to spark conversations with all, and in all of his previous jobs and life challenges. He loves to motivate and help others as much as he can. He currently resides in Hickory, North Carolina with his girlfriend Brooke and his two kids.