Thomas Abernathy

Atlanta , Georgia, United States

Thomas Abernathy is a native of Baker, Louisiana, and currently lives in Suwanee, Georgia with his wife and two kids and sister-in-law. He attended Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and received a Bachelor of Science degree. Also, he has a Master of Art and Religion degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. And currently, he is completing an MBA degree at Concordia University Chicago. He recently continued his education through Sports Management Worldwide Advisement through Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Cory. He received a certification in the Athlete Management course. From this program, he received academic knowledge and field research experience in athlete representation, NFL collective bargaining agreement policies and procedures, sponsorship management, draft selection, NFL scouting and evaluation, and player personnel management. During the athlete management program, he also was educated with the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the general management and draft selection process for the NFL.

He is currently working as a Client Relationship Manager (HR Recruiter). Supporting his company with recruiting qualified candidates for various types of roles within their organization. He sources and finds candidates through various sourcing tools that are online, job fairs, networking events, referrals, and word of mouth. Furthermore, his role requires him to partner with managers to come up with a strategy to find talent to fill the open positions. As a Human Resources professional, he is a Top- performer with improving operations, transforming businesses, to drive performance at all levels. He is experienced at recruiting for top-level talent. He is skilled in the talent acquisition process including client engagement, full lifecycle recruiting, partnership, strategic sourcing, recruitment strategy, interview assessment and selection, policy/procedure process improvements, change management, and the execution of diversity recruiting. He has demonstrated the ability to engage clients, partner, cultivate, and maintain exceptional relationships with senior leaders and the community-at-large to expand the company brand.
Thomas is also a Gwinnett Football league Coordinator for the community football league in Gwinnett County and he is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a Character Coach at local High schools in the Gwinnett County Area.

As an SMWW Agent Advisor, Thomas has successfully been mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Corry and met all the requirements of becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor. This includes agent regulations and player association legalities, contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting. He is well adept at preparing you for your sports career and has the ambition to attain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for a successful professional athlete. He will do whatever possible to represent your interests and help you achieve your goals as not only a sports professional but also your life after sports as well. Thomas takes a fully integrated approach to his clients’ wealth, personal life, career, and post-career challenges with the goal to simplify and enhance your life. By serving as your primary contact for everything from financial advisory assistance to addressing your lifestyle needs as he works closely with the SMWW Team off the field, so you can focus on your career on the field.