Steve Maynard

Syracuse, New York, United States

Steve Maynard was originally born and raised in the Buffalo Area & currently resides in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Maynard is currently a CCO for a production agency that includes the Wahlberg Crew. He is a member of the advisory committee and a contributing producer for the BFF. Mr. Maynard is also the marketing director for GRT, a Regional Director & Coach for ProCamps/G3Marketing, a thoroughbred racehorse owner, a talent agent, and has an invested interest in conducting athletic camps. He has extensive experience in the areas of marketing and agents' work. Steve has worked in the capacities as a talent scout, administrator, coach, and teacher. Mr. Maynard has also worked various other full time jobs within the areas of; police, detective, and security.

Mr. Maynard currently mentors and advises individuals in the athletic, film, & music industries, directs camps/ combines, conducts pro days, & training. He also develops, manages, represents, seeks endorsements, partnerships, & sponsors for actors/actresses, directors, producers, musicians, cast members, and athletes. He believes in all individuals who believe in themselves and give 100% toward their goals of obtaining top performance levels.

Mr. Maynard possesses permanent certifications in agents work, scouting, administration, coaching, teaching, and peace/police officer.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY CASCW Admin, Masters Edu, BS PE, (credits acquired from: GCC/SUNY Brockport/Cortland/Oswego)

Sports/Musical Background
High school football4, Baseball2, & marching band4, trumpet player12,
College football2, wrestling1, soccer1, flipped cheerleaders1 & intramural hockey1