Steve Maynard

Syracuse, New York, United States

Steven Maynard was originally born & raised in the Buffalo Area & currently resides in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Maynard has extensive experience in agents' work, college/high school/professional sports scout, administration, coaching, & physical education teaching. Steven started this career as a physical education teacher, administrator, & coach. He then moved into Administration and then into scouting & now into professional agents' work. Throughout much of this time-frame Steve also worked various other full time jobs within the areas of; police, detective, & security.

Mr. Maynard possesses permanent certifications in administration, coaching, teaching, and peace/police officer. Steven has coached football for over 20 years positions include; head coach, line/special teams, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, running backs, linebackers, defensive backs, and receivers. He has also coached at various camps nationwide including; Pro Camps, Inc.(various pro athletes), JKFC(Qb Coach), University of Tennessee as a guest rb coach, CPFC series(Qb Coach), CNY Football Academy, and Mayn’s Football Camps (HC).

Mr. Maynard helps develop, represent, & seek endorsements for those athletes seeking to play professional sports.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY CASCW Admin, Masters Edu, BS PE 1988-1996
SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY BS PE/CJ, (GCC/SUNY Cortland/Oswego 1984-1987)

Sports Background
High school football4, Baseball2, & marching band4
College football2, wrestling1, soccer1, flipped cheerleaders1 & intramural hockey1