Steve Maynard

Syracuse, New York, United States

Steve Maynard was originally born and raised in the Buffalo Area & currently resides in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Maynard is currently the chief marketing officer for GRT, Regional Director for G3Sports, a thoroughbred racehorse owner, and a sports agent. He has extensive experience in the areas of marketing and agents' work. Steve has worked in the capacities as a high school/college/professional sports scout, administrator, coach, and physical education teacher. Mr. Maynard has also worked various other full time jobs within the areas of; police, detective, and security.

Mr. Maynard currently mentors others in the sports field, coaches, directs camps, combines, pro days, & training. He also develops, represents, seeks endorsements, partnerships, & sponsors for athletes, programming, and events for athletes seeking to play sports at all levels of play including high school, college, and professional levels.

Mr. Maynard possesses permanent certifications in agents work, scouting, administration, coaching, teaching, and peace/police officer.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY CASCW Admin, Masters Edu, BS PE, (credits acquired from: GCC/SUNY Brockport/Cortland/Oswego)

Sports Background
High school football4, Baseball2, & marching band4
College football2, wrestling1, soccer1, flipped cheerleaders1 & intramural hockey1