Shomari Bonner

Palmdale, California, United States

Shomari Bonner is an SMWW Agent Advisor in the sports industry, particularly focusing on football and basketball. After a successful career as a pharmacy technician, Shomari decided to pursue his true passion for sports and become a sports agent. Currently, Shomari is studying Sports and Entertainment Management at Grand Canyon University to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful Agent Advisor. Shomari's passion for sports and his desire to help athletes achieve their career goals drive his work ethic. His past experience as a pharmacy technician has honed his skills in organization, attention to detail, and effective communication, which he applies to his work in the sports industry. With his strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to his clients, Shomari is always seeking to stay up to date on industry trends and provide the best possible service. When he's not studying or working, Shomari enjoys watching sports and staying active. He is deeply committed to his family and friends and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible. Shomari's unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication makes him a promising candidate as an Agent Advisor in the sports industry.