Sherrod Newton

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, United States

Mr. Sherrod Newton Sr. is a Sports Management Worldwide Agent Advisor in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. Mr. Newton had an affinity for football and excelled in the sport since his youth. For 30 years, Sherrod played football for the Pop Warner league, High School, College, and Semi-Pro. Mr. Newton has had a love for sports and representing the interest of athletes for many years. Mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Mr. Joel Corry, Sherrod successfully satisfied the requirements for becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor which includes contract negotiation, collective bargaining agreements, agent regulations, player association legalities, endorsement, sponsorships, ethics, draft preparation, marketing, and recruitment. Sherrod's diverse background and experience as a licensed HVAC engineer and financial advisor has prepared him to create trusting relationships with clients and the ability to provide guidance to athletes beginning their careers.