Shaun Black

Tampa, Florida, United States

Shaun Black is an Agent Advisor for SMWW. He has successfully been mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Corry and has met all the requirements of becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor. This includes Domestic Agent Regulations, Player Association Legalities, Contract Negotiation, Endorsements, Sponsorships, Ethics, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Marketing, and Recruiting. Shaun Black has lived in Tampa, Florida all of his life, having received his Associate's in Science Degree in Criminology at Hillsborough Community College and his Bachelor's in Science Degree in Psychology at The University of South Florida. Sports has always been a part of Shaun's background. In high school, aside from participating in sports year-round, Shaun would referee club football, basketball and soccer programs, as well as volunteering at the YMCA, where he helped coach flag football, basketball, soccer and volleyball youth programs. Mr. Black has taken incredible steps toward securing a successful career in the sports industry. Aside from completing SMWW's Athlete Management course and becoming an Agent Advisor, he is a sports data journalist for DoScouting, where he observes, collects and records game data that provides accurate statistics for efficient information and scouting of players and teams. Mr. Black also has connections with the AAU, which aids in the scouting and coaching of amateur youth sports players who are looking to progress into professional athletics. Shaun Black is purpose-driven, dedicated, and extremely eager to be your Agent Advisor to the best of his abilities. With his love for the game, and his devotion to the physical, emotional, and financial needs and well-being of people, Mr. Black is perfect for his role alongside you in your steps towards greatness.