Rolin Poha

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

He was born in 1979 in Congo Brazzaville. He went to school in the higher school of management and administration of enterprises. After graduating from this institution, he decided to start a soccer career as a soccer player. He started to play at a young age with the junior national team of Congo U17 for three years, while he was playing in division one with CARA CLUB and CLUB 57 in Congo. Next, he moved to IVORY COST to pursuit my career by playing with BOUNA FC for two years and SATELLITE FC for one year. HE also played with OMNISPORT FC in Cameroon and ATLANTICO OF MALABO in GUINEE EQUATORIAL. Before coming in USA to start an international career where he played with CRISTAL PALACE FOR ONE YEAR and BAYAMONE FC for one year and also for IKE IKE SWEDEN FOR TWO YEARS.NOW he is working on being a player agent representing young talented athletes.