Rodney Stallworth

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

I Rodney Stallworth will be your server in this business, vast knowledge of  3 sports, baseball, basketball, and football, those also are my hobbies along with reading novels, cooking, bowling, etc.. I'm available to any Q& A and a very friendly pereson, very easy to approach and conversate with. I've been working as a Salesman for almost 2 decades.   

Graduate of SouthWest high school Macon Ga 1984  
1 yr at Fresno City College 1992

Career Information
Sales Rep for Nestle USA for 10 yrs  
Freelance Music writer and Producer
Worked variety of odd jobs as a Salesman

Sports Background
3 sport athelete, baseball, football, and basketball  

Mission Statement
To be the best agent/ advisor in the business and to bring back authentic honesty to the business