Roderick Dashiell

Portsmouth, Virginia, United States

Rod Dashiell is a retired Navy Hospital Corpsman, who recently joined SMWW as an Agent Advisor. Prior to joining the agency he served his country at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Hampton Virginia as an Eye Technician which he presently still does full time. This tour of goverment service came after a 22 year career on active duty in the US Army and Navy. He retired from the Navy in 2003 and finished his commitment to the armed forces in 2013, giving him over 30 years of active service.
Rod had always been a sports finnatic, he played football, basketball and softball as a child up through adulthood. Rod played for the command teams at all the duty stations he was assigned, around the world and stateside. 
His dream was be a professional athlete, but his size never caught up with his skill set. With his dream on hold, he persued other fields, but nothing gave him the joy and drive as sports. In 2014 he decided to become a sports agent, he thought if I can't get there as a player, maybe I can help others achieve their dreams. Thats when he found SMWW, completed the Agent Management course October 2014. As a sports agent advisor he hopes to change the view the public has of sports agents, as they do not always see them as someone they can trust.
Rod currently resides in Portsmouth Virginia with his wife Zelma.