Rashied Goodwin

Allentown , Pennsylvania, United States


Rashied isn’t a big talker, he prove’s his elite skill set of representation with results. He believes in starting small with a plan and building at a consistent pace. As a man that wears many hats Mr.Goodwin will always pay close attention to the details. As a professional commercial driver, successful high end shoes designer(Madisons-Italy),web designer and many other services and products. Rashied is guaranteed to represent a professional athlete with passion and excellent decision making. Rashied has a proven track record of doing great business from finance to legal representation, Rashied Goodwin will only provide the best regardless of the sport. Your job is to prepare and perform to the best of your ability and Mr.Goodwin will take you to the “BIG” game! Rashied works closely with Dr. Lashbrook and our brilliant SMWW staff in all professional sport categories.