Raishaud Pinkney

Chico, California, United States


Raishaud S. Pinkney Sr. was born in Tampa, FL into a faith based two-parent home with six other siblings. A close-knit family that still keeps in communication today. Raishaud started elementary school in a private school that he continued until he completed the sixth grade. That next year he took his first step into the public education system along with his other brothers and sisters. He struggled to find his way but was assured by his teachers that he was doing fine and he would get it.
He took a liking to writing because his middle school principal mentioned to him "He should keep writing" after he wrote a paper that made it to her desk. Outside of the school battles, Raishaud started playing little league sports. He played football and baseball, he came in very "green" to organized sports and many around him let him know it, but Raishaud was not the one to believe what people thought of him. He became a league known name amongst his little league associations; however, baseball was the sport he identified with most. He would practice swing for hours, throw the ball against his house garage to work on ground balls, and pop flies in the yard all day without company. His favorite player Ken Griffey inspired his pursuit to get better and make it to the major league.

Once Raishaud entered Hillsborough High School, graduate of class 2006, he found out the impact of sports at his school, especially football. He made the varsity baseball and football team and played alongside some notable athletes, that went on to play D1 college ball and professionally. But his dual sport attempt got cut short in his junior year when he injured his knee. Raishaud then focused on finishing school and bettering his chances at a stable life, so he took a year off after graduation before heading to the highest of seven hills, in the Florida's capital, Tallahassee. Raishaud chose to go to community college, and finished with his A.A. He then transferred to the city's HBCU, FAMU, where he eventually earned his B.S. in business administration and management. Initially he started as a journalism major, because he had a knack for telling peoples stories, even today, he often reads and interprets scriptures to people around the world.

It was in these times that Raishaud started to announce that he and his family would be leaving to go to California, so he could pursue sports opportunities. Raishaud spent close to seven years trying to find a crack into the world of sports; it wasn't until he received a scholarship to attend Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he learned hands on training of TV and radio broadcasting. He noted in his school essay, that his name initials stood for his life assignments; the R-stood for religion, God first, the S-Sports, a people unifier, and P-Politics, Help Communities. However, when Covid struck the world, Raishaud was back in Tampa and could not pursue his broadcasting hopes any longer due to the many restrictions, but he returned to California in 2020 as a retail store manager for Verizon where he started working in 2013. He learned of SMWW online education, after several consultations with Dr. Lashbrook and Jon La Force he played hooky from work one day to fly to Las Vegas to meet the staff at the Summer League games in 2021. There he found that crack in the door he needed to know he could get into the world of sports. He took the Athlete's management course in February of 2022, and has now joined on board in March of 2023 as an Agent Advisor.