Prez Palmer

Stratford, Connecticut, United States

Prez Palmer is an extremely well rounded and well versed professional from Connecticut who has served as a military veteran of the United States are in which he served as a commissioned Officer, and achieved the distinction of serving as a Company Commander of troops. Prez further served overseas on deployment and is a combat veteran.

In extension of his military service, Prez has served as an Educator at the high school level and College Professor teaching business, finance, and real estate courses. Beyond these roles, Prez has performed supremely for his clients who have become friends in his capacities as a Wedding Officiant, Travel Agent, Insurance Agent, and Realtor. As an entrepreneur and business owner knows about early morning and late nights to meet the demands and get the job done. Evidently, Prez possesses a wealth of business knowledge and expertise that his clients can benefit from.

Furthermore impressively, Prez is a doctoral degree candidate currently completing a Doctorate of Business Administration degree to add on to his MBA degree which he earned from the University of Phoenix and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business & Finance from Sacred Heart University of Fairfield, CT. With respect to his sports background Prez has served as a Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer of several different ABA Basketball franchises, an AAU Basketball & youth sports Coach. To all of this, Prez Palmer brings a power pack of knowledge, talent, and commitment to excellence to offer to his sports athlete clients.

Prez has a proven track in agent regulations, contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting. Prez is firmly prepared for and committed to assisting athletes to not only accomplish their dreams of playing professional sports, but more importantly create a sustainable lifestyle after sports. Prez is waiting to offer his dedication, skills, and abilities to the sports athlete audience that can appreciate value.