Peter F. Dormeyan

College Park, Maryland, United States

As the war started in 1989 in Liberia there was nothing anyone could do, but either flee the country or stay put. It was then that learning French was Peter's desire. After learning French, few of us went to France for a year in order to be fluent in French. At that time, Peter moved to the Ivory Coast.

Peter enjoyed traveling, traveling around West Africa primarily and the in 2001 came to the United States. He enrolled at Kent State University (Ohio) where he completed his Bachelors in Business in 2006. Later, he received his MBA from Dallas Baptist University, Texas in 2011. Currently, Peter is a Ph. D student at University of Maryland University College.


He is the Executive Officer of Semiphoras Inventions & Sports Management Company, LLC. He is actively involved in Saint Mark Catholic Church Parish, and also active in sporting activities of the College Park Community in Maryland.