Oluyemi Esan

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


As an SMWW Agent Advisor, Oluyemi Esan has successfully been mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook & met all the requirements of becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor. This includes agent regulations and player association legalities, contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting. Oluyemi is a Public Relations and Marketing Communications professional with hands-on experience in various fields including Public Relations & Marketing Strategy, Perception Management, Human Capital Management, Journalism, Banking, and Accounting.
Some of the organizations he has worked with include; First Interstate Bank Plc, UnityBank Plc, Bank PHB, FinBank Plc, PeoplePrime Ltd, MarketingMix & Co Ltd, Explicit Communications Ltd, and Stratcore Dynamics Ltd, all in Lagos Nigeria

Having headed the client service departments at MarketingMix Ltd and Explicit Communications Ltd, Oluyemi worked as the Lead Management Consultant at Stratcore Dynamics Ltd, where he saw to the establishment and growth of some small-scale businesses and organizations. He is also one of the founding directors of Imagine Cinemas Ltd, a Nigerian-based mobile cinema entertainment outfit, dedicated to the provision of quality cinema entertainment to universities and other student communities all over Nigeria.

Oluyemi holds a Bachelors Degree (BSc) in Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Journalism, while he has completed various training and certifications with reputable international organizations including the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) and Sports Marketing Worldwide (SMWW) in Oregon, USA. Oluyemi is a member of the Calgary Alberta chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).