Nikoa Jefferson

Cayce, South Carolina, United States

Nikoa Jefferson, is a fresh face in the industry. She is well structured, and disciplined. She gave seven years of her life to the Army where she picked up the best values one could have. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selflessness, Honesty, Integrity, and Personal Courage. She believes by holding herself to these values she can reach any goal or any challenge set before her. It is her duty and obligation to assist those who seek her guidance. Born in the Netherlands and raised in the Netherlands and all across the United States, allows her to understand diversity. She currently attends the University of Phoenix earning her B.S. in Business Administration, as well as attended SMWW earning a degree in Athlete Management. Sports have always intrigued her, as well as having a passion to help others achieve their dreams and goals, so this life path for her came natural. She is here to assist in your life path and dreams as she has done her own.