Nick Gentleman

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nick joined the SMWW Agent Advisor Team in August 2020 following the successful completion of SMWW’s Athlete Management course. Nick was mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and former NFL and NBA Agent, Joel Corry. Nick was accepted to the Agent Advisory program after thriving in topics like Agent Regulations, Endorsement and Player Contract Negotiations, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Marketing, Networking, and developing personal connections. Nick has evolved into a leader of the future Athlete Agent generation under the guidance of some of the best in the current generation. Though being only 18, he has mastered the technique of negotiating through various experiences including SMWW’s Athlete Management course, and participating in Model United Nations conferences across Canada where he worked to push his narrative alongside some of the best up-coming negotiators from across North America and the Caribbean. Nick represented Blake Wheeler in the NHL Conference at SSUNS 2018 in Montreal. Along with previous experience in a war room-like atmosphere, Nick brings a competitive drive that separates himself from the competition. Becoming an Athlete Agent Advisor doesn’t happen to the average 18-year-old. It requires hard work, determination, and a drive to win coupled with a true hatred of losing. Nick will translate the skill set he has built for himself to help his clients, doing whatever it takes to make sure his partners have success not just as an athlete, but in life. Nick and SMWW pride ourselves in creating a road map that stretches far past an athletic career. Nick works closely with the team at SMWW to take care of everything off the field, including financial advising, putting partners in an atmosphere where they will also be happy with their personal life, and everything in between. All you have to worry about is you and your team's success. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Nick has been forced to adapt to a very difficult and unique environment. Born with an extremely rare genetic disease known as Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR), Nick is Legally Blind. From the day he was diagnosed, he was put down and expected to fall in life compared to those around him. Thankfully, a strong family and community circle that uplifted him and never let him fall through the cracks has helped Nick find success early on in his life. Today, Nick has truly defied the odds, though he would tell you he hasn’t accomplished anything yet. Nick is an extremely motivated person who has a lot of things to prove to those around him. Nick feels he can become a leader in the disabled community and show those around him that the only difference between him, and the abled population is 3 letters added onto the word “Disabled”. Nick is currently studying a Bachelor of Recreation & Spots Studies at the University of New Brunswick. Nick plans on completing his degree in 2024. He also has previous experience and connections in the Professional Sports World. Nick completed a 100-hour Co-op with the Halifax Hurricanes of the National Basketball League of Canada, where he worked closely with Head Coach Mike Leslie on scouting upcoming opponents and future recruits. He also has an understanding of the media world, completing an 80-hour Co-op with Pro Sports Daily where he focused on Hockey content. Nick is also a competitive athlete. He plays Goal Ball for Nova Scotia U20 Boys, Nova Scotia Elite Men, and the Canadian U20 Team, while also being featured in the Canadian Next Gen Pool. Nick is hoping to land a spot on the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Team. Nick is working closely with SMWW’s Certified and Advisor Agent Group to recruit players and assist in Playing and Endorsement Contract Negotiations, Investment services, Athletic Trainer services, and Mental/Personal Life Support. Nick brings a unique and unmatched package of experience, a strong group of Agents behind him, having experience as a fellow Athlete, and a motivation level that is not compatible to anyone else in the industry. That is a rare combination to find. Nick is committed to growing with Sports Management Worldwide, and with you.

Citadel High School
-Honours list (Fall 2018-2020)
University of New Brunswick (2020-present)
-NSAR Arnold G. Jones Bursary (2020)
-Dan Hamer Bursary
-Verma Munroe Volunteer Award (2020)
Sports Management mi WorldWide
-Athlete Management Course (Summer 2020)

-2020 Athlete Agent Advisor

Youth Basketball
Team Nova Scotia U20 Goal Ball
-2019 & 2020 National Champs (scores 7 goals in 2020 national final VS Ontario)
-Cleve’s Team Athlete of The Month (April 2019)
Team Nova Scoria Elite Men Goal Ball
-2019 Nova Scotia Open Goal Ball Tournament Champs
-2019 Canadian Senior National Championships’ Spirit Award
Team Canada U20 National Team
Team Canada Next Gen Pool (2018-present)

-2018/2019 Co-op Placement with Halifax Hurricanes
-2020 Co-op Placement with Pro Sports Daily
-Aspiring NHL Certified Agent (eligible after completion of Bachelor’s Degree)