Nick Gentleman

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nick started working as an Agent Advisor with Sports Management Worldwide back in August 2020 and has quickly become a force in the industry. Nick completed SMWW’s Athlete Management course back in the summer of 2020 at the top of his class, learning his expertise from former NFL and NBA Agent Joel Corry. Working in a variety of sporting industries from Motocross to Hockey, Nick has become the guy you want fighting on your behalf. Nick has developed successful working relationships with scouts, coaches, S&C Coaches, nutritionists, and many more specialists to build an unstoppable team working to help you reach the next steps in your athletic career.

Nick was born with an extremely rare eye condition known as FEVR. Nick has very limited vision (around 3% of the average person's sight), but instead of giving in to the extra work, Nick uses it as motivation to excel and rose above the stereotypes that come with being disabled.

The one thing that separates Nick from the rest, is that he is a current professional athlete. Nick is currently a prospect for the Canadian Men’s Goal Ball team and hopes to compete at the 2024 Paralympics. Nick understands how it feels to be an athlete and helps his clients through the ups and downs of a season. Nick is the first 18-year-old to receive Development Funding in the organization since 2012-2013.

Nick will not only be your agent but will be your partner throughout your career. Nick believes that the relationship between agent and player is vital to an athlete's success, a part that has sadly been forgotten by many agents.

You can reach Nick via call/text or email at