Mezmuredawit Desta

Gaithersburg , Maryland, United States

Since 2017, Mr. Mezmuredawit Desta has been an Agent Advisor successfully
mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and John Print. As a result, he has met all the
requirements to become an SMWW Agent Advisor. This includes, agent regulation,
endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft
preparation, marketing and recruiting.
He is well adept at preparing you for your sports career and has attained the
knowledge, skills, and experience needed to launch your soccer career. He will do
whatever possible to represent your interests, while consulting with you on your career
choices as you move forward in your playing career. Desta is confident he can help
you achieve your goals not only on the pitch, but in life as well.

Mezmuredawit’s Educational Achievements:
• Business Management Diploma ((IBMI)
• Sport Medicine Diploma (FIFA)
• Sports Management (SMWW)
• USSF Licensed Coach
• Fundamentals of Coaching (NFHS)
• Soccer Coach Diploma (United Soccer)
• Futsal Level One Diploma (United Soccer)
• Goalkeepers Level One (United Soccer)
• NCCA Eligibility (NFHS)
• Sportsmanship (NFHS)
• Foundation of Coaching (United Soccer)
• General Aviation (AOPA Air Safety

Outside of being a SMWW Agent Advisor, Mezmuredawit currently works as a soccer coach and acting
President at Link Soccer Academy.
Mezmuredawit Desta