Loren Robb

Perth, Australia


As an SMWW Agent Advisor after completing to be a Soccer Agent. Loren has become to know successfully how to meet the requirements to negotiate to represent and do contracts, Transfers between countries and players, rules and regulations, networking, recruiting, promoting and marketing, endorsements, ethics. Loren is fully committed to going the extra mile to help his clients achieve the best outcome for their sporting careers, also wanting for his clients to do well outside of sport when they retire with his help. As an avid sports fan himself he has exceptional knowledge of most sporting disciplines and his passion for the sport has led him to his vocation in sports agency where he will work tirelessly to obtain the best outcome for his clients. 

 A competent athlete in his youth Loren played most sports that were on offer, including soccer.  Loren researched techniques and rules and became knowledgeable in every sport he was involved with.  

Loren has been told, and has noticed himself, that he has a great mind and memory for sports and statistics. Loren won a few trophies for Australian Rules Football (AFL) and Cricket whilst at school, Loren had the chance to play both at top level but decided not to due to religious beliefs. Loren started watching more sports and going to many big sporting events to gain more knowledge about different sports around the world. Loren with his wealth of knowledge with most sports around the globe like cricket, AFL, soccer, tennis, NFL, Basketball, hockey, MMA and much more, Loren would love to break into the world of sports not just soccer. Loren, growing up in Australia has been researching this career for a few years now and would love to break into parts of the world of sports where sports maybe lacking or struggling and through networking, this can be made possible through my enthusiasm, optimism and communicating skills. Loren did 8 years of a bricklaying and building apprenticeship and now has a certificate for being a soccer agent/Advisor through coming across SMWW sports management worldwide. Loren was excited because he had wanted to become a sports agent for many years. that is when I found out that they had the right pathways to become one. My future goals are to become successful in bringing my clients the great satisfaction and fun into their careers as possible in any given sport around the world.