Lauren Herold

Danville, California, United States

Lauren graduated from Sonoma State University with her Bachelors in Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies. After graduating she traveled the world with her husband following his professional basketball career. This experience sparked her passion and drive to help other athletes reach their goals. With her newly found passion, she decided to go back to school. In 2019, Lauren graduated with her Masters in Legal Studies, with a double emphasis in Sports Law & Business and in Business Law, from Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

In the spring of 2020, she successfully completed the Athlete Management course and was mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Corry. Lauren met all the requirements to become an Agent Advisor, including agent regulations and player association legalities, contract negotiation, endorsements, ethics, sponsorships, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting.

Lauren’s unique background gives her a better understanding and perspective of the reality of what athletes must endure throughout their professional careers. This understanding helps her to guide athletes to the best of her ability throughout their careers. Lauren will always put an athlete’s interests first and will do everything she can to best represent her clients and help them accomplish their goals. She understands that an inclusive approach is imperative to the success of the Advisor/Client relationship as they discuss wealth, personal life, career, and post-career goals, and accomplishments to create a great work-life balance. Serving as the primary contact for all needs of her clients in an inclusive manner as she works closely with the SMWW Team to ensure a successful Advisor/Client relationship.