Kyle Burton

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Kyle A. Burton throughout his life journey has always been passionate about sports. For example, he played baseball and basketball in high school then played baseball in college. From that experience, he decided to help fellow athletes through college and guide them on their journeys to successful careers.

He held a simple belief in seeing things through. For this reason he will do everything in his power to help you, his client(s) be successful on the playing field and off. Kyle’s value on the team will be easily recognized. As a matter of fact, you will see him go above and beyond the call of duty to bring out the best in his clients.

Kyle’s role in the Sports Management Worldwide Agency will be a strong one. This will be done in three ways: furthering the careers and touching the lives of many athletes while building strong relationships with them, sharing the positive values he has been raised to have and demonstrating his ethical foundation in how he represents the agency and team. Kyle will provide his friendship and other necessary building blocks to produce a win-win situation. So if you want to maximize your abilities and are hungry to succeed, Kyle is here to further your growth!

Kyle attended Otterbein College from 2001-2005 where he pursued his Bachelor’s in Sports Management. He became WNBA Certified in 2013, and looks to gain further Athlete Agent Certifications.