Kenya Fari

New Orleans , Louisiana, United States

Kenya earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Master’s in Educational Leadership. A retired High School Educator and Coach she has successfully trained and mentored numerous athletes including her four children, assisted student athletes in life coaching and athletic training and preparation for their future ahead.  avid sports enthusiast, a Sports Management Worldwide graduate in Athlete Management, mentored by Dr. Lashbrook and Joel Corry.  keen intuition of scouting and recruiting talent, agent regulations, endorsements, sponsorships, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting, meeting athletes where they are to pursue the “what’s next” in an athlete’s career and devising a strategic plan of “how” to get there. She is a multifaced results orientated, multi-dimensional businesswoman, effective communicator, astute in diverse relationships, international affairs, salary negotiations and works for the higher good of her clients.