Kamal Sabuni

Kampala, Uganda


Kamal Sabuni is a Sports Management Professional based in East Africa with operations in the UK as a consulting partner for the African Nations Cup UK and The Big Half Marathon (from London Marathon) where his organization Diaspora Marketing Solutions provides the Link to the UK Diaspora. After graduating at Sports Management World Wide’s Athlete Management Program in 2007, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook mentorship provided sound fundamentals that helped build professional relationships with Athletes and sporting Organizations in the East African region. Kamal has since been involved with Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby, Lawn Tennis, Boxing and Kickboxing in various capacities including Athlete Management, Sports Event Design, and Production and Sports Business Advisory.

Kamal acknowledges that by partnering with Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW), he is able to deploy the vast resources of the SMWW organization to ensure that athletes experience the right fit for their career progression and build a balanced future after retirement. His Sports of choice are Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Middle/Long distance Running and Darts.