J.D. Ayres

North Webster, In, Indiana, United States


J.D. Ayres is an SMWW Agent Advisor. He trained under Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Corry and met all the requirements to work for SMWW in helping athletes reach their goals. His diverse background has helped him establish great communication skills and the need for truthfulness and loyalty. His focus is on football with an understanding of the ever-evolving changing landscape of the game. He is a graduate of Tiffin University.

J.D. built a career in the legal field as a detective and worked directly for the Attorney General of Indiana. His path not only opened doors to a large network of people but developed his skill and understanding of people’s needs by listening first and then speaking. He wants to transfer these skills into the football world and help athletes obtain their goals at the highest level. The relationship with the athletes he helps represent will not only focus on career success on the field but also help develop a plan for life after sports. His dedication to each athlete he represents and the full resources of SMWW is a combination for success.