Jarman Sample

Macon, Georgia, United States


On the surface, Jarman Sample is a career-driven Las Vegas sales professional of 7 years. He considers himself a career student of life. He credits his natural drivability to adapt to change in this ever changing world. He is always taking on new challenges, whether it is gaining new work experiences or furthering in relevant knowledge to achieve his goals. As a former collegiate athlete, his competitive nature helped him in his sales career profession. His is collegiate experience is unique in regards to the range of levels from JUCO to NCAA D1 where he competed. After college and a year Semi-Pro with The Atlanta Vision American Basketball Association becoming MVP of the 2007 season. He knew his long term goals would involve sports and helping future athletes in some fashion. Also, to provide recourses that was not available to him. Those experiences were priceless in shaping the person he is today. Those experiences and his driven nature has been a real benefit to his process. He understands the hard work it would take to find new successes and reach new goals. Now as a Las Vegas sales and marketing professional, he can honestly say his experiences speaks for itself and hard work and most importantly perseverance pays off. He feels his experiences from charting his own path is like none other. He believes in the strengths of not only teamwork but also team building. He also knows the importance in identifying any weaknesses to improve on. He now looks to further himself and others with those acquired skills and experiences. Being a small-town guy from Macon Georgia, He is still that same guy taking on new challenges and finding new ways to progress. As a sales professional these past 7 years in Las Vegas He considers himself truly Vegas Strong. He is ready for his next with Sports Management worldwide. Him seeing Las Vegas slowly turn into a sports town right before his eyes is something he is excited to be a part of. It has inspired and renewed his love of sports and see's himself as a capable asset to help the next generation Athletes. His motto is "Chart your own path". His overall passion is assisting others in doing just that.