Isaac Yeboah

Toledo, Ohio, United States

With a passion for soccer and a keen eye for talent, Isaac Yeboah has dedicated his career to connecting promising players with top clubs around the world. As a licensed intermediary, he brings expertise in player scouting, contract negotiation, and career management to ensure both players and clubs achieve their goals.
Player Representation: Isaac provides comprehensive representation for players, guiding them through contract negotiations, transfers, and career planning, aspiring youngsters to seasoned professionals, guiding them through every aspect of their professional journey.
Club Consultation: For clubs seeking talent acquisition or player management services, he offers consultation to identify suitable players and negotiate favorable deals.
Scouting and Talent Identification: Leveraging a global network of contacts, he scouts and identifies talented players suited to specific club needs.
Represented players in major European leagues including the Major League Soccer, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga.
He has negotiated successful transfers and contract extensions for players at various stages of their careers, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals. Isaac has collaborated with top clubs, agents, and scouts to facilitate seamless player transitions and maximize career opportunities.
For inquiries regarding player representation, club consultation, or scouting services, feel free to reach out via email at or phone at +1 614 556 6079. Let's work together to unlock the next chapter of your soccer journey.