Gregory James

Spokane, Washington, United States

Primary goal is to increase efforts in Athlete health and wellness, job creation, and promotion initiatives. A collaborative effort will be set forth to create synergy between the business community and our organization for mutual benefit. As we promote economic development, the measured success of our efforts will be evident in the successful development in the successful development and execution of several noteworthy business opportunities in targeted industries through out the United States and abroad. It is our mission to meet ,establish relationships, and ultimately partner with other successful C.E.O.'s, entrepreneurs, and senior level executives. Our primary goal is to increase efforts as an organization to leverage the strength of SMWW and it's members. We aim to bring balanced representation to professional athletes. SMWW is a broad Agency, offering cutting-edge training programs that teach upcoming Sport's professionals with the latest technology by leaders in the field. Our talented faculty are a conduit for our clients to the latest trends and developments in regards to everything from contract negotiations and collective bargaining agreement, to new media communications and public relations, to Sponsorship and endorsements, to the latest insights on scouting.