Effie Rodriguez

Naperville, Illinois, United States


Effie developed a passion for sports when her three sons decided to follow in their father foot steps and pursue a career in professional basketball. With over 20 years of Sales, Marketing and consulting experience she considers herself an expert in building relationships and contract negotiation. Effie worked 12 years as a financial advisor, 2 years as a realtor while previous years were spent working in Sales & Marketing for Top 100 companies. Effie is no stranger to hard work, she believes there’s nothing in this world you can’t attain. She believes everything is within reach if it’s made a priority.

Effie has a tremendous passion for helping others with changing the game. She refers to herself as a “Super Mom” & “Trendsetter.” “I believe in doing what people say you can’t do.” Effie prides herself on being a motivational speaker. Helping others make their dream a reality is her goal. She doesn’t believe you’re a real Agent until you’ve taken a player that everyone else slept on and made them a franchise. “The Dream is REALITY with the right support system in place.” “Nothing worth having will come easy.” Effie teaches her children that repetition is what sets apart average from extraordinary.

Effie received her certification in Athlete Management through SMWW. Aside from having a degree in Marketing, she’s also a Licensed Insurance Agent (Property, Casualty, Life, Health & Annuities). Effie’s attained investment licenses through FINRA (Securities, Series 6 & 63). Effie is also a licensed Realtor in the state of IL and is on pace take the exam for her NBPA certification in January 2020.