Doris Walkins

Tacoma, Washington, United States

I am an NFL Certified Contract Advisor and attorney in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I am a passionate sports fan and also passionate about providing great representation to athletes. It is of paramount importance to me that my clients'  financial well being is taken care of so that they may focus their energies on sharpening their skills on the field. As a licensed, practicing attorney, I bring an addedd element of knowledge and negotiating wherewithall to the table for my clients. 

University of Washington, Tacoma, 2002
Seattle Univeristy School of Law, 2006 

Career Information
I have been a licensed Washington State attorney for 8.5 years and a member of the Federal Bar Assocaition for to 7 years.   

Sports Background
I was a member of the Sports and Entertainment Law group at Seattle University School of Law and I am a graduate of the SMWW Athlete Management Program. 

Professional Background
I have been a member of the Washington State Bar Association since 2006 and an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor since 2014.   

Mission Statement
My mission is to provide excellent services to clients and to be a person they can truly trust, respoect and lean on. Negotiating a contract is one of the most stressful areas of any sport and it is my job to make any negotation as advantageous for my client as possible.