Desolan Randle

Richmond Heights, Ohio, United States

   Desolan Randle believes in taking communication to the next level as a Sports Agent he understands his purpose and needs of his clients and will do his best to get young athletes to the goals that they are trying to pursue. Sports has always been a passion of his and has played High School Basketball and Football throughout his freshman and senior years. Desolan enjoys other sport as well such as Boxing and Football. His goal is to see his clients attain all that they aspire to be by working hard on their behalf, while doing business with the utmost of integrity and honesty.  He is a strong believer in Christ and tries to use his platform in sports to be a blessing to the kingdom of God. He believes when we communicate, we share ideas thoughts, and feelings with others. Some of his accomplishments is he has graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Recreation Management, a student and graduate of Sports Management Worldwide Athlete Management Course (Mentored by NFL Agent, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook & NBA Agent Joel Corry) and graduate of Ohio Christian University with a associates of Arts in Christian Ministry. His hobbies are working out lifting weights and training dogs of all ages with a Certification in Specialized Dog Training from National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. Services offed areDecision Making, Analytical Thinking, Flexibility Interpersonal Skills, Multi-Tasking,Organizational Leadership, Prioritizing, Contract negotiations, Endorsements, Sponsorships, Ethics, Collective bargaining agreements, Draft preparation, Marketing and Agent regulations &player association legalities. His mission is to build trust and communication and share the thoughts and feelings of each athlete and take not only the athletes visions and dreams, but take communication to the next level to achieve the goals they are trying to pursue