Derrick Lewis-El

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Derrick Lewis-El has been involved with the game of football for years. He is an avid follower of the game at all levels. Be it a Pop Warner football game, a high school varsity football game, or a Collegiate Division 1, 2 or 3 football game, Derrick can be found in a stadium crowd watching tomorrow’s talent. Derrick has made multiple stops at several high schools in the City of Philadelphia as an Assistant Varsity Coach. Derrick’s zeal and passion for the game of football on the field is well documented.

Derrick received his Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in Sports Administration from Howard University. Furthering his Sports Administration Education, he earned his Masters degree in Sports and Athletic Administration at West Chester University. He also holds a K-12 Principal Certification from the University of Pennsylvania. While at West Chester Derrick was able to further learn the game of football and build relationships with coaches by attending spring ball practices and spring ball games at various local universities. Derrick’s ability to assess a player’s strengths with a team’s needs, his ability to network, and his on-field knowledge give him the confidence to be a great agent advisor.

Off the field, Derrick is committed to giving back. He is president and a founding member of the Trent Lewis-El Foundation (TLEF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring the legacy of Derrick’s father, Trent Lewis-El. Since 2010, the TLEF has created and participated in numerous charitable acts in the North Philadelphia community that reared Derrick, such the annual Clean the Community Day, a scholarship for Dobbins High School graduates, and an annual school supply giveaway. Derrick has aspirations of expanding TLEF’s reach to other Philadelphia neighborhoods in the near future.

Currently, Derrick is a 10-year veteran Health & Physical Education teacher with the School District of Philadelphia. He spends his time outside of the classroom attending football games, identifying talent, and building relationships with players, their families, and coaches. With the help of SMWW, Derrick intends to create opportunities for collegiate football athletes with the work ethic and desire to take their game to the next level.