Delano Robinson

Fort Worth , Texas, United States

Delano Robinson is a native from Saginaw, Michigan, and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the proud founder of the D1 Performance and Nutrition center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Robinson has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and has serviced the DFW area for 12 years. The D1 performance center specializes in performance enhancement training centered around agility, speed, strength, and mental toughness for athletes ranging from high school, collegiate, and professional level. His training center also houses a supplement store to aid in nutritional guidance and proper supplementation use that will enhance their overall performance.

Robinson has completed his certification in the Athletes Management course through Sports Management Worldwide under the advising of Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook and Joel Corey. From this program, he acquired extensive knowledge and field-based research in athlete representation, NFL draft selection, sponsorship, NFL collective bargaining agreement policies, and procedures, etc.

Robinson’s knowledge and experience working with athletes at D1 Performance and Nutrition coupled with the experience and expertise of SMWW will position each of his clients with the best opportunity to be successful in their professional careers by providing first class service.