Dareyll DeLoach

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Dareyll DeLoach, as an SMWW Agent Advisor, has successfully been mentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and has met all of the requirements for becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor. Contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting are all covered. Dareyll excels at preparing you for your sports career and aspires to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience required to be a successful professional athlete. Dareyll will do everything in his power to represent your interests and assist you in achieving your goals as a sports professional as well as in your life after sports. Dareyll approaches his clients' wealth, personal life, career, and post-career challenges holistically, with the goal of simplifying and enhancing your life. Dareyll frees you up to focus on your career by serving as your primary point of contact for everything from financial advice to addressing your lifestyle needs while working closely with the SMWW Team. Dareyll has been a member of Sports Management Worldwide since 2005. Dareyll has already earned a BS in Sports Marketing & Media, an MBA, and a specialization in Negotiations from the University of Michigan; he is now pursuing his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Liberty University. Over more than a decade, Dareyll has used his formal education and professional expertise to work in the sports and entertainment industries. Dareyll's abilities to encourage, inspire, and mentor his customers, as well as his relationship qualities, communication skills, and negotiating acumen, have earned him widespread acclaim.