Colten Swogger

Calhan, Colorado, United States

Colten Swogger grew up playing sports from the age of two.As he got older, he focused on soccer as his passion. Along with playing, hehas spent time refereeing and coaching soccer. After a car accident left himunable to continue pursuing his dream of playing professionally, he shifted hisattention to working in sports. Born in Denver, Colorado, Colten did not staythere long as he grew up in a military family. Due to this, he has traveledacross the USA and spent time in South Korea with trips to China and thePhilippines. This childhood allowed him to experience and interact with ahighly diverse group of people. Currently, Mr. Swogger resides in Calhan,Colorado. Colten hasrecently earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration inSports Management and dual Minors in International Business and Psychology fromSouthern New Hampshire University. During his time with SMWW, Mr. Swogger has beenmentored by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Joel Corry, Matthew Martin, Tommy Smyth, andJosh Print in gaining certificates for soccer management and scouting as wellas athlete management to earn the qualifications to be an Agent Advisor.Currently, he is pursuing his Masters of Sports Management online at The University of Florida. Colten isready to use the knowledge and experience he has already gained to assistathletes in finding success both professionally and personally, while alwayslooking to learn more and find ways to better serve athletes both on and offthe field. Although new to the field, his determination, perseverance, andwillingness to do whatever needs to be done for his clients will drive him tomake sure that athlete he works with is given the tools and support needed toachieve their dreams and goal.