Christopher Davis

Tallulah, Louisiana, United States

Christopher Davis is a product of West Helena, Arkansas. Born to a rather large family he one of 12 children. Growing up among so many other siblings in a rural city, the love for sports came naturally. His earliest memories of childhood were playing a variety of sports with his brothers and sisters including basketball and football. When he attended high school, this same passion led him to eventually play for his high school basketball.

After high school, Christopher attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. It was there that he became a star player on their championship basketball team. While on the team, Fisk won the Great South Athletic Conference Championship. After leaving Fisk, Christopher played a season internationally for the TSV Schwaben Augsburg basketball team in Germany. While on the team they also won the division championship. Following his season playing for TSV Schwaben Augsburg he returned to the States and played with the International Basketball League.

As a result of his childhood passion for sports and vast experience playing basketball in school and professionally, he felt it a natural transition to work with aspiring athletes. He believes that he can provide a level of support for athletes because he has played at all levels and has learned the necessary skills to be a great team player but also understands there is a business side that may athletes do not understand well or are often steered in the wrong direction. While taking these eight courses, he believes that he will become even more knowledgeable about the business side of the sport and what he can do to best serve his future clients.