Christopher Sarver

Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States

Chris joined Sports Management Worldwide back in 2009. Chris's attention to detail and his passion for all facets of sports was evident and demonstrated throughout his body of work. He has lifelong experience in a variety of facets of the sports industry which includes starting his own business as a Strength and Conditioning Trainer.

Chris branched out on his own and created Power Play Performance Training LLC in 2013 located in Grundy Ice Skating Rink in Bristol, PA. Power Play Performance Training was a 5,000 square foot training facility that was developed primarily for ice hockey players. Power Play Performance was under a larger organization that expressed interest in purchasing the business and Chris sold them his business after 5 years of success with his client base.

Chris moved on to positions that allowed him to fulfill his passion of training athletes achieve their dreams of playing in the professional ranks. He trained a myriad of athletes ranging from youth, collegiate and professional players in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. Chris was able to meet, assess and establish genuine relationships with parents, coaches, and players to partner with them in establishing and meeting their physical training goals. These relationships became the foundation for which he built skills to be a successful athlete agent advisor and friend.

Chris was mentored by Joel Corry and Dr. Lynn Lashbrook in Sports Management Worldwide’s Athlete Management course. He satisfied all requirements of becoming an Agent Advisor which includes agent regulations, player association legalities, and contract negotiations. In addition, it includes endorsements, sponsorships, ethics collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting. As an agent advisor, Chris was given the opportunity to represent a player out of Ole Miss University. He was an offensive lineman who Chris helped negotiate a playing contract with a team in the CFL.

Chris has had several opportunities and experiences to work and represent players in both ice hockey and American Football. Chris is well versed and prepared to represent and address all of his players' needs. Chris is eager and ambitious in continuing to seek professional development to keep current in the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Chris is highly dedicated to the best interests of his professional athletes while promoting honesty and integrity as an integral component of a successful athlete/client relationship. By serving as a primary contact to the athletes, Chris is known to effectively communicate everything from contracts to consultations, best strength and conditioning trainers, or best-equipped facilities. This assists the athlete to concentrate on being the best athlete on a playing field, court, or ice. Chris takes pride in working closely with the SMWW Team to put his clients/athletes in the best possible position to be successful in their respective sport.