Charles Torres

Daly City, California, United States

Charles Torres Jr is born and raised in San Francisco, California. He successfully completed Athletic Management course from Sports Management Worldwide and has networked with Dr. Lashbrook and many others in the sports industry. He is a man of many skills and abilities, including a background in Sales and Marketing, and Auto Motive. Charles' positive attitude and can do mentality has helped him, as well as others in his professional and personal life.


Charles has owned his own Marketing business for Fortune 500 Companies, mainly focusing on AT&T. He was acknowledged for a proven track of sales, negotiating more than 720 contracts, and praised by his employees and networks for always staying optimistic and positive. He is a strong believer in thee phrase "If you win, I win. 

Since age 5, Charles has participated in sports, specifically baseball, to which he grew a passion for. He has played, coached and mentored others in baseball all over the Bay Area, as well other countries. Charles' family migrated from the small town of Jinotepe Carazo, Nicaragua, where he had the opportunity to play with a local team and this is where his current goal of bridging the gap for Nicaraguense ball players developed. He plans to improve the baseball system in Nicaragua in order to create opportunities where there is a lack of resources. He looks for the best interest for all of his clients.


Charles' passion for the sports industry inspires him to make his vision come true. He is known for building solid relationships and trust with those around him. His fluency is English and Spanish will him help reach his goal of bridging gaps for players in Nicaragua, as well as other Latin American countries.

Sports Management Worldwide, A.S. City College of San Francisco

Career Information
Currently active in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Nicaragua, Central America. Focusing on Baseball players looking to play in Major League Baseball

Sports Background
Since the age of 5 Charles has played Baseball in both the San Francisco area and Nicarag√ľa. He has also coached and developed many players, and has played at the Semi Professional Inc San Francisco California area. He has also played Football throughout his lifetime and has a sports rich background.

Professional Background
Owns a Marketing Business focusing on negotiation, sales and growth. Charles is a hands on Owner of his company who is involved in all the hiring, growth, development and training for his company, very good at communication, critical conversations, motivation and personal development

Volunteer Work
Annually donates and assists with Nicaragua baseball programs, supplies equipment to many rural cities.

Mission Statement
As a Sports Advisor i will become involved in the process from beginning to end and will always look out for the best interest for all of my clients. My clients goals are my goals, I want to see everyone succeed and unlock their true potential. My long term goal is to bridge the gap with Central American Baseball players and the MLB to make sure all parties are being taken care of the correct way.