Cedric LeBlanc

Harvey, Louisiana, United States


Cedric LeBlanc is currently finishing his Bachelors of Science in Sport Management with a minor in Public Relations. Although he is still working to obtain his degree, the amount of knowledge he has about the business is plentiful.  Cedric prides himself on honesty, trust, and humility. The main focus should always be about the athlete and his/her family. 
Whether it’s on the field or off the field, prior to your career to post career, he guarantees the athlete and their loved ones will always come first. He isn’t here to make a “quick buck” and move on, but rather to build a bond and relationship with each and every athlete that will last a lifetime. No matter what, you can rest assure he will make sure that longevity in your career is priority and life before, during, and after sports is a smooth, secure, and relaxing one.  
“If your dream aint bigger than you, there is something wrong with your dream“ 
- Deion Sanders.