Carlo Conte

Houston, Texas, United States

As an Agent Advisor with SMWW, Carlo Conte has successfully been mentored by former NFL Agent Joel Corry and current NFL Agent Dr. Lynn Lashbrook. He has met all the necessary requirements of becoming an SMWW Agent Advisor such as compliance with regulations, contract negotiation, draft preparation, endorsements, and marketing. Carlo is vastly qualified in preparing you for a potential career and has the utmost motivation in gaining the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools needed to ensure he is an asset rather than a liability. He will do whatever is necessary for representing your interests and helping you achieve your goals not just as a professional athlete, but also when you turn the page and move towards the next phase of your life. Carlo will make it a priority to be fully integrated with his client’s personal life and ensure that he will always look at them as a person first and an athlete second. By serving as your primary contact he will do everything needed to help ensure your needs are taken care of off the field so your attention is not drawn away from your career on the field.

Carlo joined Sports Management Worldwide in 2020. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from St. Edward’s University in 2018. Upon graduation, Carlo began working in the oil and gas industry where he has been able to craft specific skills, skills that should carry over to the world of sports, such as adaptability, communication, and emotional intelligence. Carlo hopes that with these skills, as well as others, he will help guide potential clients along their journey through the professional ranks.